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DLT Entertainment Press Releases
Aug 17 05 As Time Goes By Reunion Specials Set To Air In Time For Christmas Season
Aug 01 05 My Family Stands Up On Comedy Channel Circuit
Aug 01 05 DLT Appoints Consultant To Develop UK Factual Entertainment Programming
May 09 05 Zoe Wanamaker Wins Best Sitcom Actress Award for My Family at Rose D'Or Festival
Apr 28 05 UK Family Favourite Takes On COntroversial Newcomer At Rose D'Or TV Awards
Apr 28 05 My Family Sets Up Home on UK TV Gold
Apr 11 05 DLT Entertainment Signs Deal With PBS For As Time Goes By
Mar 31 05 Clare ALter Appointed VP Of DLT Cable Home Video Sales
Mar 01 05 DLT Brings In Development Consultant To Boost UK Drama Presence
Feb 01 05 American Fans Fly To Britain For Taping of As Time Goes By
Dec 16 04 As Time Goes By - The Family Is Together Again!
Oct 04 04 DLT Entertainment Barges Into MIPCOM
Aug 12 04 BBC America Brings My Family Together, Acquiring Series 5 From DLT Entertainment
Jul 30 04 DLT Entertainment Gets MIPCOM 2004 In a Ruxpin
May 04 04 DLT Entertainment Close Deal With Nick At Nite For Exclusive Rights To Three's Company Through 2013
Apr 01 04 My Family Makes Its US Debut On BBC America
Mar 30 04 THree's Comany - Season Two on DVD
Mar 29 04 DLT Entertainment Sells Smash-Hit Aussie Serial Drama Neighbours to Oxygen Network
Mar 26 04 My Family DVD Proves Popular With Buyers
Mar 08 04 My Family Returns To the UK
Mar 02 04 DLT Entertainment Brings Hit Comedy Series To MIP-TIV 2004
Feb 12 04 My Family Proves a Hit With Viewers In 2003
DLT Entertainment In The News
Jan 27 06 DLT welcomes sales chief to the family (C21 MEDIA)
Dec 07 05 Sharper Picture< (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)
Sep 24 05 The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin - The Talking Bear Returns, Both In Toy Form And On DVD (TVShowsOnDVD.com
Sep 09 05 Cutting Ribbon, Taffners Dedicate New Field House (ST. JOHNS UNIVERSITY
Aug 31 05 Taffner Field House Construction (ST. JOHN'S UNIVERSITY
Dec 07 05 Sharper Picture< (HOLLYWOOD REPORTER)
Aug 22 05 Formats & deals - DLT sells My Family to german channel (BROADCAST)
Aug 19 05 DLT's sitcom reunion for Xmas (C21 MEDIA)
Aug 11 05 Laughing all the way to the studio (BROADCAST)
Aug 04 05 DLT looks to factual formats (C21 MEDIA)
Dec 21 04 As Time Goes By to Return to BBC Screens (World Screen News)
Dec 20 04 Dame Judi reprises As Time Goes By (Broadcast)
Dec 20 04 BBC1 brings back Dench sitcom (C21 Media)
Dec 16 04 BBC, DLT decide it's 'Time' for 2 specials (Variety)
Sep 30 04 DLT Entertainment nets cartoon rights (Broadcast)
Sep 22 04 DLT revives 80s animated series (C21 Media)
Aug 12 04 BBC America takes fifth my family series (Broadcast)
Jun 01 04 American independence (C21 Media)
May 27 04 Carsey-Werner-Mandabach for sale? (C21 Media)
Apr 18 04 Stations aren't giddy over new laffers (Variety)
Apr 07 04 DLT’s My Family to air on BBC America (Broadcast)
Arp 05 04 US women's channel picks up Neighbours. (Broadcast)
Apr 01 04 Scripted For Success )World Screen News)
Mar 30 04 Oxygen greets Oz soap 'Neighbours' (Variety)
Mar 29 04 My Famiy moves to US neighbourhood (C21 Media)
Mar 16 04 DLT deals BBC skein (Variety)
Mar 08 04 Canadian pick-up for My Family 5 (C21 Media)
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