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6 x 1 hour
Written By
Kevin Brownlow
David Gill
Distributed For

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The Other Hollywood
Cinema Europe

Celebrating over one hundred years of cinema, this entertaining documentary series explores the birth and early development of the European film industry.

The OTHER HOLLYWOOD was created by the team of Kevin Brownlow and David Gill, whose past collaborations have included the critically acclaimed series Hollywood, The Unknown Chaplin, Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow, Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius, and D.W. Griffith: Father of Film.

The OTHER HOLLYWOOD traces the history of early movie making in Europe. From the silent short-subjects in Paris shot by the pioneering Lumiere brothers in 1895 to the emergence of sound films and the threat of fascism to the industry in 1933, this documentary series covers and uncovers it all. Exclusive interviews with film veterans, including John Gielgud and the controversial Leni Riefenstahl, offer remembrances of the early years.

Drama Specials

Horses run hot and murder runs cold, but Jockey Club investigator David Cleveland Ian McShane) always keeps his cool.
Dick Francis Mysteries
Love Loss
   The Eagle Strikes

Photoplay Silents
A father struggles to overcome the grief of losing his beloved wife and raise their daughter alone. A coming-of-age journey, You is filled with the magic of life and love and family.
The Saint
The Saint:
   The Saint In Manhattan

U-Boat Wars:
   The Killer Wolf Packs


Drama Series

A series of one-act specials is the pinnacle example of the Golden Era of Television, launching the careers of many famous actors such as Charlton Heston and Warren Warren Beatty.
Love on a Branch Line
Silent Reach
Leslie Phillips and Michael Maloney star in this BBC adaptation of John Hadfield's 1959 comic novel.
Studio One
Cash & Company


29 animated specials of classic literature is something that the entire family can enjoy. Titles include: A Christmas Carol, Moby Dick, Les Miserables, and The Phantom of The Opera.
Animated Classics
Girl vs Boy
Going Buggs!
Little Big Mouth
The fun and wonderment of Christmas comes alive through Mel Torme’s narration of this half-hour animated special.
Magic Hands
Story Of The Christmas Toys
   As Told By Mel Torme

Factual Series

Audiences will watch history being reborn and learn the secrets of how the restorations are done. The projects are jaw-dropping in their scope; the restorers are heartfelt in their passion.
21st Century War Machines
   The Lightning War

The Calzaghe Clan
Hitler in His Own Words
The Hunt
Kenneth Branagh narrates this survey of Europe's silent era. Episodes focus on the distinct development of specific countries--Sweden, Germany, France, and Britain.
Inner Space
The Other Hollywood
   Cinema Europe

Ultimate Restorations


You are used to seeing David Copperfield perform magic on television. Here the magic and the mysrery is performed by the phantom.
This fast-paced word association format allows the audience at home to join in the fun as contestants race against the clock to figure out the hidden key topic and win the prize.