Debuting Documentaries, Comedy and Lifestyle shows

(London February 10, 2003) DLT Entertainment, one of the world’s leading independent production and distribution companies, is unveiling a diverse raft of new programming at this year’s MIP-TV.

Headlining the slate are 14 brand new episodes of comedy series My Family, produced by DLT Entertainment UK in association with Rude Boy Productions for BBC ONE. Created by Fred Barron (Executive Producer, Seinfeld; Executive Producer/Writer, The Larry Sanders Show and Creator, Caroline in the City), My Family is written by a team of writers and stars highly acclaimed actors Robert Lindsay and Zöe Wanamaker.

My Family, the most successful new situation comedy on BBC One in the last seven years is a series focussing on the life of Ben Harper, a moderately successful family man and dentist. He is also undergoing a mid-life crisis and trying to cope with the bizarre reality of raising his three, very different, teenage children. Currently in its fourth season on the BBC, a total of 49 x half hours are now available internationally. In the UK, My Family consistently draws high audiences reaching as high as a 38.5% share.

In addition to finished programme sales rights in the US, Canada, Latin America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal, DLT Entertainment has the worldwide format rights to the series. BBC Worldwide handles finished programme sales in the remaining territories.

New lifestyle programme Gardening Gamble - the gardening show with a twist - is also making its international debut at MIP-TV. The 12 x one-hour series brings together two sets of friends or relatives as they switch gardens to test their green thumbs. Each team has only two days, from dusk until dawn, to transform each other’s gardens resulting in laughter, tears and sometimes shock as the participants return home to find out just what their friends have done to their garden! The series is also packed full of tips and tricks from the landscape professionals, in-depth horticulture information and hands-on demonstrations which will have the audience itching to take the gamble into their own garden. DLT Entertainment has worldwide (excluding Canada) rights to the series.

Ragin’ Cajun: Doug Kershaw in Concert is a one-hour special focusing on the man known as “ The King of the Fiddle”. For decades Doug Kershaw and his magic fiddle have been instrumental in bringing the spirit of Cajun music and culture to the forefront of American Music. In this live recording, set at a Cajun café on an authentic bayou in the South, we experience the passion of Doug Kershaw and his exuberant music.

In association with Stage Direct DLT Entertainment is debuting both Straight, an hilarious and subversive excursion into the world of conversion therapy, where gays and lesbians are reputedly ‘cured’ of their homosexuality and made ‘straight’; and The Magnificent Welles, which captures Orson Welles at the height of his fame, on the brink of disaster in his South American hotel room as he slowly realises that his masterpiece ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’ is slipping away.

DLT Entertainment will also be bringing the one off special, A Tribute to Spiketo MIP-TV. Featuring the Square Smile charity event of the same name the programme contains a host of well-known British comedy stars including Harry Enfield, Eddie Izzard, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Eric Sykes. A Tribute to Spikewill be available in both a 60-minute and a 90-minute format.

Concluding DLT Entertainment’s line-up of new shows for the market is documentary Elvis: The Beginning. The 82-minute special (also available as a one-hour format), charts Elvis’ first tour through America. Using original archive radio interviews and reports, the film takes us to the time before he was famous at the age of 19 back in 1954. It features interviews with Scotty Moore, Elvis’ very first manager.

For further information please contact Janet Balmforth or Aimee Norman at Premier Tel + 44 (0) 20 7292 8331, Fax +44 (0) 20 7734 2024 E Mail: janet@premierpr.com

About DLT Entertainment
With offices in London, New York and Los Angeles, DLT Entertainment Ltd. is engaged in every aspect of television distribution and production around the world, as well as stage production in the US and in the UK.

Founded in 1963 as a distribution company by Don Taffner Senior, the company added television production to its portfolio in 1977. DLT Entertainment has enjoyed terrific success over the last forty plus years with legendary hits including the multiple award-winning sitcom My Family, As Time Goes By, Three’s Company, Too Close For Comfort and Meet My Folks. In addition DLT has built a reputation as a leading distribution company with classics such as The Benny Hill Show, The World at War, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood and The Russ Abbot Show.

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