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In 2020, DLT expanded into the world of podcasting and audio production ith the release of When No ones Watching and National Treasures,

When No Ones Watching

National Treasure with with Laura Lexx & Will Duggan

Some Sunny Day

On May 2020 launched its new podcast division.

Reporting to DLT Creative Director Darren Smith are comedy writers Ben Hillyar and David Mayes (Your Face or Mine, CITV’s Scrambled!), who are charged with developing and producing comedy content in podcast format as a testing ground for ideas and talent that have the potential to be adapted for other mediums. It has since become an organic area of growth within the business and in addition to working with the existing talent base within the agency, the team boasts several projects and partnerships in the pipeline with a wide range of talent from across the industry.

Some Sunny Day
Some Sunny Day is a podcast all about being, well, stuck indoors and going a bit mad.

Just like everyone else, the nation’s comedians are at home, trying not to eat lunch at eight in the morning, so to keep them sane we’ve let them send us the funny things they’ve made.

There’ll be reports from the domestic frontline, ideas for things to do, some jokes, impressions and the odd silly game, all hosted by a different comedian each week.

Forget Abbey Road and it's state-of-the-art sound stages, 60 years on it's screaming kids and washing machines and lawn mowers in the background as comedians are left doing it for themselves.... George Martin would be pulling his hair out.

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When No One's watching
Matt Richardson and Matt Willis ARE guilty pleasures. One is Heat Magazine’s Weird Crush of the Year and the other is, well… in Busted. Listen to the podcast where celebrities (including Tom Fletcher, Emma Willis and the Derry Girls) confess the things they get up to when no one’s watching. Then it's up to the Matts to decide whether they should be forgiven or just feel really, really bad about themselves. Because if these two are judging you, you know you should have kept it to yourself. Picking Earwax out of other people’s ears, leaving angry notes on people’s cars, dressing up your dog… GOOD Bad? Or BAD bad?

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National Treasure
Welcome to National Treasures! Tag along with comedians Laura Lexx and Will Duggan for a day out at some of nation's finest attractions. Castles, stately homes, ruins, art galleries and museums. Listen as they stumble through muddy fields, hallowed halls and half-remembered historical facts. It’s like an audio tour… only narrated by two idiots.

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