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DLT Entertainment Program Distribution

Producers Represented Include:
ABC Australia,BBC
Bristol Myers, Proctor & Gamble
Dave Bell Productions
Dick Clark Productions
Fremantle, ITV Stuios
John Conboy Productions, NBC
RTE, Scottish Television
Stone Soup Productions, Summerhill
TV New Zealand
Vin Di Bona Productions
Danny Wilson Productions

Clients Include:
ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS BBC, ITV, C4, SKY, UKTV ABC Australia, Seven, Nine, Ten

We pride ourselves on our ability to generate the maximum financial return for our partners by achieving the highest possible license fee from each market. "THREE’S COMPANY" and "TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT" generated nearly one billion dollars in sales which continues to this day, nearly 20 years after the initial production. The original net profits participants and rights holders are still receiving millions of dollars a year.

In today’s world of “creative” distribution accounting, there have been many horror stories of unfair treatment to net profit participants. We value our reputation and the relationships we have built with our partners. Indeed no company takes more pride in the way it treats its partners as does DLT. Honesty and Integrity are synonymous with the DLT name. In fact, our partners on “THREE’S COMPANY” were so impressed, the wrote the following.

The company has a substantial track record in every genre - drama, comedy, documentary, popular arts, children and young people, arts documentary and performing arts. In the U.S. , we have worked with every type of broadcaster from commercial networks, to the pay and cable networks, PBS (national and local), commercial syndication and advertiser supported networks, home video, streaming and other new media. Our reach to the rest of the world is just as impressive with relationships with public broadcasters, private broadcasters, home video and new media outlets around the world.

DLT was at the forefront of the formats business using the characters and format of Thames’ hit comedy series Man About The House, the Taffner company premiered Three's Company® which quickly became one of the most successful situation comedies in U.S. network television history. Format distributionoday is a major part of the cojpanes contiuedsuccess.

DLT Entertainment does not always represent all rights in its programs so to make it easier to find the right program for you we have broken our catalogue into three parts:

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The catalogue is further divided by genre with a special listing of highlighted shows across all genres.

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