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Never the Twain

Antique dealers and single parents Simon Peel and Oliver Smallbridge are not only business rivals but neighbors. Although they live and work next door to one another, their bitter rivalry always leads them to attempt to out-do each other.

As if their business competition wasn’t bad enough, matters are further complicated when Veronica, a very attractive widow, comes into their lives -- and both Simon and Oliver fall for her. Then, to top it all off, Simon’s son and Oliver’s daughter fall in love and decide to get married, forcing the old rivals to finally call a truce.

At last they have something in common: an agreement that this affair must be broken up! This light-hearted series teams two accomplished comedic actors as the feuding antique dealers: Donald Sinden, plays the suave Simon Peel, while Windsor Davies is the down-to-earth Oliver Smallbridge.

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