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Outside Edge

Suburbia will never be the same again for two chalk and cheese couples thrust together in a wave of hilarious events.

Based on Richard Harris’ award-winning stage play OUTSIDE EDGE, the new comedy-drama miniseries centers around the relationship between two very different couples whose only shared interest is that both husbands play cricket.

Kevin and Maggie Costello (Timothy Spall and Josie Lawrence) can’t keep their hands off each other. They’re in love and aren’t afraid to show it. Mim and Roger Dervish (Brenda Blethyn and Robert Daws) are the picture of English propriety, scared of their emotions, and visibly shocked by the Costellos’ behaviour.

As the friendship between Maggie and Mim grows, Mim starts to understand that there should be more to life than her husband’s passion for sport.

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