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Count Arthur Strong

Count Arthur Strong is a new comedy from Graham Linehan (IT Crowd, Father Ted, Black Books) and Steve Delaney, the creator of the eponymous character and writer of the Sony Award-winning radio show. In it, we meet Count Arthur Strong – a faded star from the golden days of variety who still believes he’s in show-business against all the evidence to the contrary. Ever optimistic, Arthur goes through life trying anything to make a little extra cash, and always ready to give a performance whenever he feels he has an audience... Unfortunately he’s not very good at either and his efforts usually end in chaos. Arthur lives a ‘hand to mouth’ existence, creating chaos and confusion wherever he goes - blissfully unaware of any of it – much to the frustration and annoyance of his old double-act partner’s son, Michael (Rory Kinnear, Skyfall).

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