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After Henry

A humorous and perceptive look at the relationships between a grandmother, a widowed mother, and a teenage daughter. All live in their own apartments -- but under one roof -- and the three soon discover that the cozy arrangement can sometimes be a mixed blessing.

When Sarah’s husband, Henry, died he left her well-off financially but she must share her big old house with her mother Eleanor who lives in the basement apartment, and her daughter Clare who lives upstairs.

Unfortunately, this arrangement gives Sarah all sorts of problems. Eleanor is interfering and demanding while Clare is torn between wanting to assert her independence and expecting her mother to clean up the mess when things go wrong. Sarah shoulders her burdens with humor while holding a job in an antique bookshop to keep her sanity -- with the help of her very understanding boss who picks up the pieces when her self-confidence takes another knock.

Starring Prunella Scales as Sarah France.

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