Three's a Crowd

After years of living platonically with two female roommates and chasing girl after girl, Jack Tripper (John Ritter) has finally found true love in Vicki Bradford (Mary Cadorette) a pert and pretty flight attendant. True love and romance don’t come easy as Vicky’s straitlaced and wealthy father (Robert Mandan) takes offense with his daughters choice in a mate. Jack and Vicki move into an apartment above Jack’s Bistro but there will be no escape for the couple as Mr. Bradford buys the building - making him landlord and 10% owner in Jack’s Bistro. Jack and Vicki will be seeing a lot of him as Mr. Bradford likes to keep a close watch on his investments.

This series is the second spin-off of the world famous sitcom THREE’S COMPANY

Produced for the ABC Network

Produced for the ABC Network

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