Olive The Ostrich

Recently re-commissioned by Nick Junior UK for another 52 x 5 minute episodes and now airing on Channel Five’s award winning Milkshake pre-school slot, Olive the Ostrich is an animation series for pre-schoolers worldwide, with a big difference ... children help make the show!

We all know that drawing, painting, crafting, and collaging should be part of every child’s school life. For many children however, the schools they attend may not have access to the sort of arts funding that many families take for granted. Bafta Award winning Childrens Producer Blue Zoo wanted to challenge this and teamed up in the UK with the Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts to help transform and inspire the lives of disadvantaged children through the power of the arts.

The result is this series which kids adore because they had a share in making it! In each episode our animators bring to life real pictures drawn by children who create all the guest characters, places, and objects that Olive encounters. Blue Zoo can also produce localised versions of Olive the Ostrich for International Broadcasters or some special introduction episodes to lead into the original UK version. Add to these options the Web Campaign that accompanies the series (where children can submit pictures to help make the final six episodes) and the interactivity of the activity based website ... Olive the Ostrich is a wonderful series for Children made by Children.

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