Mary Pickford: A Life On Film

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film is a feature-length documentary examining the life and times of one of film’s true pioneers hosted and narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. This is the first in-depth examination of the life and work of Mary Pickford to have been produced in nearly twenty years.

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film features host sequences filmed at the newly-restored New Victory Theatre on New York’s fabled 42nd Street - the very theater where Mary Pickford made her Broadway debut at the age of 15.

Mary Pickford: A Life on Film features interviews with such film luminaries as Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Janet Leigh Roddy McDowall, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., Leonard Maltin and Charles "Buddy" Rogers. Also included in this production are rare and previously unseen films, out takes, home movies and behind the scenes photographs.

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