Marshal's Law

In Nuttleworth the role of the Community Support Officer is a highly controversial one, with government calling them a vital tool in the war on crime, but many residents calling them time wasters. Unfortunately for Nuttleworth’s CSO Lesland Marshal, he’s the biggest tool of all. After a lifetime of not fitting in, Lesland has found his niche, aiding the public, getting into scrapes and trying to crack a crime ring so that the top brass will promote him.

Leland’s rhythm is disturbed when his identical petty criminal brother Donny Marshal moves into the family home, left to them by their estranged mother Linda, who abandoned them when the twins were 26 years old.

Now they share a shoddy house and an uneasy truce. Not least since they both have their eye on wannabe glamour model and CSO, Roxy Snipes, who recently became their lodger.

Meanwhile is Nuttleworth being taken over by something more insidious than petty crime? Only Leland can crack the case.

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