Birds Of A Feather

The most successful British sitcom in recent years, Birds of a Feather is about two sisters, Sharon and Tracey, whose lives are turned upside down by the imprisonment of their husbands.

Sharon moves from her high-rise flat into Tracey's smart home in Chigwell, bought by husband Darryl's ill-gotten gains, and the sisters attempt to keep their loves together in-between prison visits.

Enter Dorien, the girl's neighbor, a rich, Jewish housewife with a penchant for younger men. Dorien's antics provoke hilarious reactions from the girls, who learn to live with her constant intrusion into their lives. With Tracey's teenage son Garth also on the scene, life is never dull for the Birds of a Feather.


Pauline Quirke
Linda Robson
Lesley Joseph
Alun Lewis
Peter Polycarpou

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