In addition to distriuting its own programs, DLT distributes on behalf of other indpendent producers as well as other distributors either on a worlwide basis or sect individual marlets.

DLT takes pride in its ability to generate the maximum financial return for our partners but at a fair price for our licensees. Three's Company and Too Close For Comfort generated nearly one billion dollars in sales which continues to this day, over 40 years after the initial production. The original net profits participants and rights holders are still receiving millions of dollars a year.

In today’s world of “creative” distribution accounting, there have been many horror stories of unfair treatment to net profit participants. We value our reputation and the relationships we have built with our partners. Indeed no company takes more pride in the way it treats its partners as does DLT. Honesty and Integrity are synonymous with the DLT name. In fact, our partners on Three's Company were so impressed, they wrote the following.

And they said a day would come when distribution accounting would be accurate, complete and fair to all parties concerned.
   Don, that day is here and now, with Laventhol & Horwath’s audit of your accounting of “Three’s Company.”

The company has a substantial track record in every genre - drama, comedy, documentary, popular arts, children and young people, arts documentary and performing arts. In the U.S. , we have worked with every type of broadcaster from commercial networks, to the pay and cable networks, PBS (national and local), commercial syndication and advertiser supported networks, home video, streaming and other new media. Our reach to the rest of the world is just as impressive with relationships with public broadcasters, private broadcasters, home video and new media outlets around the world.

 Past and present clients include:

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