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DLT Entertainment Press Releases
Oct 15 20 DLT Entertainment Invests In Gag Reflex And Sets Up New Regional Indie
Oct 05 20 DLT Entertainment Secures new BBC Show, MONSTER COURT
Sep 24 20 DLT Entertainment Invests In Impatient Productions
May 13 20 DLT Entertainment Expands Comedy Offering With New Podcast Division
DLT Entertainment In The News
Oct 15 20 Industry Giant Buys A Stake In Gag Reflex Agency (Chortle)
Oct 05 20 DLT Goes To MONSTER COURT for CBBC (Televisual)
Sep 24 20 DLT Invests in Mark Watson Indie Impatient (Televisual)
Sep 24 20 DLT buys into Impatient Productions (C21)
Jun 23 20 Classic Comedies Save Lockdown (C21)
May 13 20 DLT Entertainment Expands Comedy Biz with Podcast Division (Variety)
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