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US Headquarters
210 East 49th Street
New York, NY 10017
Ph: +1 (212) 245-4680
Fx: +1 (212) 315-1132

UK Headquarters /
Vera Productions

10 Bedford Square
London England WC1B 3RA
Ph: +44 (020) 7631-1184
Fx: +44 (020) 7636-4571

Gag Reflex Productions
The Sharp Project
Thorp Road
Manchester England M40 5BJ
Ph: +44 0161 205 8739

The Shaftesbury Theatre
210 Shaftesbury Avenue
London England WC2H 8DP
Ph: +44 (020) 7379-3345
Fx: +44 (020) 7836-8181

DLT Entertainment Ltd. is internationally reconized as a leading independent company engaged in virtually every aspect of the marketing, production and distribution of video programming. With headquarters in New York and London DLT Entertainment has the resources and contacts to develop and execute program projects virtually anywhere in the world.

Family owned and run since 1963, it has built an impressive history of success — producing and distributing its own programs, and marketing programs produced by others in the U.S., and around the world.

Founder Donald Taffner started in the entertainment business at the William Morris Agency, which he joined as a messenger in 1952. By the time he left the well-known talent agency in 1959, he had been an agent there for four years. For the next four years he built his experience in television program distribution, helping to begin the Television Program Department at Paramount. He left to form his own enterprise in 1963.

The new company was a buyer of U.S. programming — for an Australian network and for stations in Canada. The company then shifted its emphasis, representing programs produced overseas and selling them in the U.S. — including the animated Beatles series for King Features Syndicate produced at Artransa Park in Australia, and King Features’ Krazy Kat, Barney Google and Beetle Bailey, also produced in Australia. The first major sale in the U.S. was an Australian series, Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo , which ran successfully for several years in the U.S.

DLT Entertainment became a television programming producer in its own right in 1977. Using the characters and format of Thames’ hit comedy series Man About The House, the Taffner company premiered Three's Company® which quickly became one of the most successful situation comedies in U.S. network television history. Production and distribution of the company’s own programming has grown ever since. DLT Entertainment is widely known as one of the important independent producers and distributors around the world

In The United Kingdom, DLT produced two of the most successful and longest running comedies of all time: As Time Goes By and My Family. as well as other entertainment shows such as Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit. In 2018, DLT expanded it's production base for the first time through the acquisition of Vera Productions Limited which is run as a wholly owned subsidiary. Later,

Through its ownership of The Shaftesbury Theatre, DLT is also involved in live entertainment in London's west end.

Most recently, DLT has expanded into talent management with investments in various talent agencies.

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