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Rory Bremner's Coalition Report

We are proud of the development team we have assembled. Their experience and expertice in a range of genres undoubtedly make us the great company we are today.

DLT Entertainment UK, Vera, Gag Reflex, & Impatient Staff Bios

The DLT Entertainment group is proud of the development and production team that we have. Their expertise ranges from narrative comedy to drama and includes factual, factual entertainment, archive, sketch, and shiny floor shows to name a few.

For a brief bio of the DLT Entertainment UK, Vera, Gag Reflex, and Impatient staff, please click on the name in the column to the right.


Jon AIrd
Geoff Atkinson
Fred Atkinson
Katya Balfour-Lynn
Lianne Coop
Tim Corrie
Sara Langton
Lee Martin
Darren Smith
Donald Taffner, Jr.
Philip Tredinnick
Ben Walker
Mark Watson

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