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Vera launched in 1994, and has since produced an extensive portfolio of award-winning shows including Bremner Bird and Fortune, three series of Getting On starring Jo Brand, Vicki Pepperdine, and Joanna Scanlan for BBC Four, four series of Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression for BBC One, six series of Mark Thomas Comedy Project and numerous Dispatches for Channel 4, including the recent President Trump’s Dirty Secrets, Politicians for Hire and How to Buy A Football Club. In addition, Vera has produced several pieces for Channel 4 News and created Big Trouble in Thailand for Bravo, and most recently produced Million Pound Jewellers for Channel 4 Arts and three episodes of Going Forward starring Jo Brand and Omid Djalili for BBC Four. Vera became a wholly owned subsidiary of DLT Entertainment in 2018.

DLT Entertainment Acquires Vera Productions
Award-Winning Production Company To Operate Under DLT Banner
Vera will continue to operate as a separate company headed by Geoff Atkinson. DLT will acquire Vera’s portfolio of extensive programming, approximately 300 hours in the catalogue. In addition to adding to DLT’s development of comedies, dramas and entertainment properties, the acquisition expands DLT’s production slate into the factual/current affairs field, and also offers new projects in development for the stage BY DLT's Shaftesbury Theatre.
£2 Million passport - Welcome to Britain
Broadcast as part of Channel 4's Dispatches in 2019
Channel 4 Dispatches and The Sunday Times went undercover to hear how overseas tycoons can exploit the so-called golden visa system to buy the right to live in Britain even if they have links to the Russian President Vladimir Putin or provide critical components to the Chinese military.
Politicians for Hire: Cashing in on Brexit
Broadcast as part of Channel 4's Dispatches in 2018
With the UK's projected exit from the European Union causing ever more confusion and uncertainty, this investigation shows how former cabinet ministers are offering themselves to private companies as Brexit advisers.
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