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DLT Entertainment UK Ltd has invested in a number of UK Talent Agencies to create synergy between the talent management business and television production. The agencies operate independently of DLT and always with the best interest of their clients at the forefront of any deal.

While DLT Entertainment Ltd was originally created as an independent production and distribution company, and just as it expanded into the theatre world with the acquisition of The Shaftesbury Theatre, DLT has also been involved in talent representation for a number of years.

DLT Entertainment first became involved in the talent agency business in the 1980’s with an investment in the Peters Fraser and Dunlop Agency. In an association born from PDF's representation of Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke, the writers of Man About The House upon which Three's Company was based upon, this relationship lasted until 2001 when CCS Stellar purchased PFD.

In addition, DLT was one of the original investors of United Agents when it was founded in 2007 with Donald Taffner Jr appointed to the Board. When United Agents changed its corporate structure to a partnership, DLT’s shares were sold back to the firm.

The synergy created by these investments has the potential to create new opportunities for DLT, the agencies, and most importantly the represented talent. All agencies operate independently of DLT, are free to work with any production company, and always with the best interest of their clients at the forefront of any deal.

So it is no surprise that DLT continues to be involved in talent representation through investments in the following companies representing a full range of entertainment talents and skills.

The Galton Agency
Our remit is simple: we work with funny, talented people who want to create interesting things. Our roster is diverse, ranging from stand-up to sketch to clowning via entrepreneurs and drinks experts. We work closely with our clients across all aspects of their careers, helping them hone their ideas and achieve their considerable potential. We also produce tour & festival shows both within the UK and internationally.

Andrew Roach Talent
We provide a personal and dedicated talent management service to clients in the broadcast and entertainment industries. Our clients include actors, comedians, presenters and writers who work across all genres. We work closely with literary and voiceover agencies, live promoters and publicists to ensure that our clients’ needs are fully covered. We are passionate about representing diverse talent and promoting equal opportunities for all.

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Gag Reflex
Gag Reflex is dedicated to developing the very best comic and variety talents in the industry. Our diverse client list features some of the most talented performers working in the UK today, from traditional stand-ups to acts specializing in improvisation, magic, sketch shows, musical and physical comedy.

As well as managing and shaping the careers of this pool of talent, we also produce live Tours & Festivals (domestic and international), programme Venue and Festival line ups, match comics to corporate events, and provide skilled writers, actors and presenters for a selection of TV, Radio, Commercials and warm up shows.

Read about DLT's investment in Gag Reflex.tgacomedytgacomedy

MMB Creative
Representing award-winning household names and exciting emerging talent, MMBcreative was founded in 2016, bringing together Milburn Browning Associates and Mulcahy Associates. At the same time a new voice over agency, Fuller Voices, with Becky Fuller as MD, was established as part of MMBcreative.

They manage a select client list for whom we seek to provide a first-rate boutique service and offer the clout and reputation that only comes with decades of experience and proven success.

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The Soho Agency
Created after Lucas Alexander Whitley and Factual Management joined forces, The Soho Agency represents superb talent and IP creators, including authors of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books, TV presenters, illustrators, writers for stage and screen, brands, companies, charities, and online stars. Whilst remaining a boutique agency, The Soho Agency looks to build upon its success to develop fresh initiatives and markets on behalf of our clients across an increasingly diverse range of media.

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Fuller Voices
Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in the voice over industry, Fuller Voices was founded to provide knowledgeable, authoritative and more personal vocal management to artists and clients alike.

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