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Benny Hill
The World's Favorite Clown

The life and career of Benny Hill are celebrated in a light hearted film portrait of the comic whose television shows have brought smiles worldwide.

Benny Hill takes viewers behind the scenes for a fascinating insight into his childhood and early days in the theatre. For the first time on screen the man who has created an entire gallery of comic characters talks in-depth about himself, his career and the art of comedy. Personally selected clips from the best of his television shows, highlighted by Benny's own commentary, throw new light on his unique artistry and comic inventiveness.

The programme features revealing interviews with such eminent fans as Michael Caine, Walter Cronkite, Mickey Rooney, Burt Reynolds and John Mortimer. Critical acclaim is endorsed in vox pop interviews with Benny Hill fans the world over. From Los Angeles to New York, London to Paris and Geneva - their comments illustrate the real warmth and affection with which he is regarded worldwide.


1 x 1 Hour

Directed By
David Spenser

Produced By
Victor Pemberton

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