The Dog Whisperer

John Rogerson has been working with problem dogs for over thirty years and has seen it all: aggressive dogs, destructive dogs, dogs that can’t stand the sight of other canines and dogs with strong behavioral patterns that drive their owners mad.

When Sara and Ray bought Milo, little did they know that the Jack Russell puppy would change their lives. Named after the dog in the The Mask, Milo has certainly assumed star status! He lays down the rules in the house: he decides when his owners get up, when he gets played with, he goes out when he wants to, and steals the mail “just because”. Milo’s unfortunate owners have been well trained and are playing his game without even realizing it. John is called to redress the balance.

Molly is a lively Black Labrador who just loves people. In fact, she loves them so much that in her exuberant greetings, she tends to knock them over. Noel, her owner, has had enough – it’s time for him to take control.

Milly, the English Bull Terrier is not quite the lady her name would suggest. She has learned at the tender age of one that by using her teeth on Emma, her owner, she will get what she wants. Will the dog whisperer be able to bring harmony back to the relationship or will Emma have to get rid of her beloved pet?

THE DOG WHISPERER looks at what happens when there is a breakdown between dog and owner. We meet dogs with extreme behaviors, some entertaining and others, downright dangerous, and talk to their exasperated owners. With John’s help and advice, and a lot of hard work from the owners, we hope to see an improvement – but success is not guaranteed. Will the stories end in heartache or happiness?


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