It’s 1964 -- the era of the Beatles, a new government, Mods, Rockers, and the pill. But for Nick and Kate the bright lights of London have lost their appeal.

This fast-moving series evokes the mood of the Sixties in a peaceful country setting shaken by the liberated values of the era. Nick Berry, former star of Eastenders, is Nick Rowan, an idealistic policeman with Niamh Cusack as Kate, his wife and recently qualified doctor.

Nick searches for a better kind of community where he can be of more service as a policeman. As the couple move to what they hope will be a rewarding new life, Kate has to swallow her early feminist tendencies to follow her husband back to her roots. Despite their idealistic expectations, however, the move doesn’t turn out to be the peaceful haven that Nick expects and Kate remembers.

HEARTBEAT was a ratings hit with audiences exceeding 16 million viewers at its prime.


30 x 1 Hours

Nick Berry
John Jones

Written By
Tim Burker

Distributed For

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