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Ian McShane stars as the irresistible rogue LOVEJOY, which had a whopping 71-episode run and remains a delightfully fun action-mystery series for the ages.

From his cottage in the Fenlands of England's East Anglia, antiques dealer and part-time detective Lovejoy scours the murky salesrooms, auction halls and stately homes of Britain, always on the lookout for a find or a quick buck. In the trade, he's known as a "Divvie", one who can spot a genuine antique almost at a glance - a great advantage in a business full of thieves, swindlers, forgers and opportunists. For a good cause, he might even fake a few items of his own; and he has no qualms about conning rival dealers when circumstances call for it.

Lovejoy has a particular weakness for a good sob story or a pretty face, either of which is enough to send him off in pursuit of villains and help victims recover their property. This knight's armor is not exactly shining, however, and he often falls foul of the law in the process.

Intelligent and worldly-wise, Lovejoy is something of a gypsy, too, and a loner who is always struggling near the edge. But whether it's a priceless old master or a pretty young lady, there's never a dull moment with Lovejoy around--his love of beauty is sure to land him in trouble wherever he goes.


72 x 1 hour

Ian Mcshane

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