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Mr. Palfrey Of Westminster

From his base near Westminster Abbey, Mr. Palfrey, aided by his associate Blair, uncovers those who trade in treason. Less a spy series, than a gentler drama, this programme is illuminated by colorful characters and the many quirks of human behavior.

Mr. Palfrey is a meek, mild, and unassuming civil servant. He’s also a spycatcher. His world embraces the shadowy halls of government, the offices and establishments in which enemies of the state and unprincipled practitioners of internal politics lurk. Mr. Palfrey watches and waits with a keen eye.

When the weight of evidence confirms his instinct, he moves with the stealth and speed of a stiletto blade. Some of Mr. Palfrey’s cases include the senior NATO official whose love for a young East European girl almost resulted in a major security leak, the Russian novelist so zealous about his desire to defect that Palfrey was convinced that he was lying, and the former Foreign Office minister whose erratic behavior was due to a deadly form of surreptitious hypnotism.

MR. PALFREY OF WESTMINSTER brings a new style of investigation to the screen. Understatement, a hint of ruthlessness, and a sharp vein of humor add an extra dimension to what is already a gripping drama.


10 x 1 Hour

Alec McCowen
Caroline Blakiston

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