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The Naked Civil Servant

This film is a cavalcade of the passionate and comic life of openly homosexual socialite, Quentin Crisp, played by the ever-talented John Hurt. Looking at the way British society has felt about eccentrics in general, let alone homosexuals, this is a eye opening exploration of identity and personal honesty.

This unusually exuberant and riveting story follows Crisp who, as early as 1931, “came out” as homosexual. He adopted an outrageously effeminate manner and eccentric appearance, and though harassed, ridiculed, and beaten, he was determined to be unsparingly truthful about himself to show the world that he was no less a person than anyone else.

This is a remarkable account of a life apart is desolate yet funny, and above all honest.


1 x 1-1/2 Hours

John Hurt

Written By
Philip Mackie

Directed By
Jack Gold

Produced By
Verity Lambert


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