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The One Game

The overnight disappearance of £2.1 million from the account of a games company, owned by Nick Thorne (Stephen Dillon), triggers a chilling sequence of events. Nick is forced to play a reality game invented by Magnus, a sinister figure from Nick’s past. Forced to watch the violent kidnapping of his ex-wife Jenny, Nick knows that in order to survive and save her he must play and win The One Game.

Nick and his girlfriend Fay follow clues and confront Magnus. Nick is a laid-back young millionaire. In the world of high technology, he’s made his fortune from other people’s weaknesses. His company, Sorcerer, profits from people’s addictions to playing games.

Starting with a simple computer fraud, Nick’s life starts falling apart. Magnus has decided that people should get up from their game boards and computer terminals and play deadly games in real life. And Nick doesn’t know who is and who isn’t a player in this vicious game he’s forced to play.

In The One Game, the stakes are life and death.


4 x 1 Hour

Stephen Dillon
Patrick Malahide

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