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Reilly: Ace Of Spies

Sydney Reilly, said to have been the inspiration for James Bond, was probably the greatest spy the world has ever known. He lived on his wits and thrived on danger, a shameless heartthrob who wouldn’t flinch when the trigger had to be pulled. He performed great services for the British Government -- but only to achieve his own ends.

Rich, flamboyant, and handsome, Reilly reveled in his world of lies and deception. In a vast chess game of tactical manipulation, he played country against country, always remaining three steps ahead of his opposition. From the gentlemen’s club of Edwardian England to the forbidding gates of the Kremlin itself, he influenced world history with skill and audacity rarely seen since. Now, after fifty years, his story can finally be told. Against a backdrop of international politics and intrigue, the series tells the story of this ruthless and brilliant spy played by the fantastic Sam Neill (Jurassic Park). This is an espionage thriller on a mammoth scale.


11 x 1 Hour
1 x 1-1/2 Hours

Sam Neill
Jeananne Crowley
Leo McKern
Tom Bell


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