Brownlow & Gill Documentaries:
Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, & Griffith

Unknown Chaplin
The discovery of a secret cache of Charlie Chaplin footage led to the internationally acclaimed UNKNOWN CHAPLIN. Using previously unseen footage and interviews, the program provides extraordinary insight into many aspects of Chaplin’s dazzling career including his early working methods, the making of some of his famous films, and the movies he made for fun.

Lady Chaplin gave Kevin Brownlow and David Gill the unique privilege of access to her private film vaults where they discovered thousands of feet of film never seen or known about before -- Chaplin’s rushes, his out-takes, his abandoned films. Chaplin himself had ordered this material to be burned, but luckily for film fans it was saved to be enjoyed by generations to come.

UNKNOWN CHAPLIN includes the first interviews with two of Chaplin’s enigmatic leading ladies and rare footage of Chaplin himself. In the words of one film collector, the material shown represents "the coup of the century."

Buster Keaton
For the first time, Buster Keaton’s story is told on film. Using rare archive material and unique interviews, it traces his life and career from his lowly origins to stardom in New York. It also gives personal insights into the man who never regarded himself as anything more than a simple comedian.

Harold Lloyd
Following their award-winning series on Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, David Gill and Kevin Brownlow celebrate the work of the third member of the trio of silent screen comedy greats, Harold Lloyd.

Using rare archive film, stills, and interviews, the series shows Harold Lloyd’s career as the classic American success story -- of the boy from Nebraska, largely self-educated, who set out to become a great dramatic actor on stage, and who became instead one of the greatest comedians in film history.

Never before seen home movies complete the funny, moving, and bizarre story of a man who made more movies than Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin combined.

D. W. Griffith

A three-hour documentary series profiles the life and work of the pioneering film director historians dub “The Inventor of Hollywood”. Considered one of the greatest cinematic minds of all time, Griffith’s story is one to behold. His achievements on screen – often grand and infamous – are only as interesting as the story of the man in the director’s chair.


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David Gill


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