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Law And Disorder

Penelope Keith is Phillippa Troy, a single minded, hardworking barrister who’s always happy to lay down the law, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Whatever the case, Phillippa likes a good argument, especially with her old adversary Gerald Triggs (Simon Williams), a barrister who always claims divine assistance. She’s even prepared to push her luck in good-humored clashes with Judge “Witticism” Wallace. Phillippa does not suffer fools gladly, but her chambers are far from a model of efficiency. Her instructing solicitor is a complete hypochondriac and her clerk rarely stops fretting about the sandwich money.

One of Britain’s finest comedy actresses, Keith stars with the equally acclaimed Williams in an original series offering diverse characters and sharply-written scripts that assuredly bring laughter and a strong audience following.


Penelope Kieth
Simon William

Written By
Alex Shearer

Distributed For

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