Compelling, entertaining and often controversial, Shirley is a talk show for the 90’s. Host Shirley Solomon’s unique combination of compassion, intelligence, and curiosity encourages her guests to open up and reveal their innermost secrets and experiences. Shirley created television history in Canada on the CTV Network for over six years, making it Canada’s top talk show. Shirley was also seen in the U.S. on television stations from coast-to-coast. Each program focuses on one topic, which is debated by guests and members of the audience. Among the serious issues explored are "Teenage Suicide", "Euthanasia", "Husbands of Rape Victims", "Forced Birth Control"’, and "The Criminally Insane". Other shows include Celebrity interviews and lighthearted looks at life as we know it.

Shirley Celebrity Specials

Over 20 hours of in-depth one-on-one interviews with some of the top names in entertainment. Expect the unexpected from these leading celebrities as Shirley Solomon questions them on their professional and personal lives. Among the stars who share their thoughts and feelings are: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joan Collins, Michael Caine, Danny DeVito, Shari and Harry Belafonte, Jesse Jackson, Emma Thompson, Tony Curtis, Celine Dion, and Joan Rivers.


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