U-Boat Wars:
The Killer Wolf Packs

World War Two would herald gigantic advances in military strategy - no longer would land battles be fought from static trenches in muddy fields. Aerial combat was out of its infancy and would now be a major component of military might. However, as far as the sea was concerned – the perils of the deep remained unchallenged. The deadly U-boats that wreaked havoc between 1914 and 1918 would once again harvest the oceans of ships and human life.

Stealthy and practically undetectable, the German submarines of WW2 were unparalleled in the ability of ‘sneak attack’. Their goal was to destroy all merchant shipping bound for the British Isles with essential supplies, and bring the country to the brink of starvation and total collapse – thus allowing a easy Nazi invasion of mainland Britain.

As the war proceeded the success of the U-Boat became immediately apparent as, hunting in ‘Wolf Packs’, they sent an enormous tonnage of shipping, and seamen to watery graves. In this new production we look at the incredible growth of U-Boat activity, the volume of their accomplishments, and the danger they posed to rest of the world.


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