Talkabout is the exciting game show that has everyone talking! Its fast-paced word association format allows the audience at home to join in the fun as contestants race against the clock to figure out the hidden key topic and win the prize. As soon as the timer starts, the wildness begins as the game show participants breathlessly shout out the answers in a frantic attempt to get them all before their opponents have a chance. The competition is fierce and contagious. This program will keep viewers glued to their television sets as they scream out words for every category that appears on screen.

Talkabout has inspired many local versions. Two seasons of production in North America followed by three series in the U.K. on the ITV Network; RTE in Ireland has picked up a third season; and TV4 in Sweden is in production for 80-plus episodes as is VTM in Belgium.

Talk about excitement! Talk about addictive amusement! Talkabout is the kind of entertaining game show that keeps audiences coming back for more.


260 x 1/2 Hours

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