Story Of The Christmas Toys
As Told By Mel Torme

Lovable "Talking Laurie Doll" and mischievous "Cuddly Cat" are Christmas toys that are left at the wrong house, a little boy’s house, on Christmas Eve by Santa Claus.

Realizing that they must find the right home to avoid a great deal of disappointment on Christmas morning, the two delightful toys set out to find their correct destination. Of course they encounter one obstacle after another including a very mean and vicious dog. But, at the last moment, they are rescued by the little boy’s toys who they see coming from the opposite direction. Santa left them in the wrong house, too!

Both sets of Christmas toys are finally happy in their respective homes under the tree just in time for Christmas morning! The fun and wonderment of Christmas comes alive through Mel Torme’s narration of this half-hour animated special.


1 x 1/2 Hour

Mel Torme

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