The Eagle Strikes

The Great War had seen the advent of a new breed of combatant, one that had never been seen before, a 'soldier of the skies.' But these 'knights of the air,' often sons of aristocratic and wealthy families, had suffered eventual defeat and humiliation.

Two decades later, a heavily restricted Germany somehow managed to create a formidable air force, and the balance and stability of the entire planet was suddenly thrown into utter turmoil. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Germany's brand new air force rose from the debris of World War One to rapidly become the most feared fighting machine of Nazi Germany.

Inspired new aircraft designs, technological breakthrough and industrial excellence paired with a dogged determination to be the best in the world, lead Germany to the very threshold of world domination. 'Luftwaffe - The Eagle Strikes' charts an exceptional journey through aviation history looking closely at the men, the machines and the strategy that at one time seemed destined to change the course of history.


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