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Black Rhino, The:
The Last Stand

A rhinoceros horn can fetch up to $45,000 -- a value that has made poaching big business. This modern-day “goldrush” has left one of Africa’s longest surviving animals teetering on the brink of extinction. Over the last decade, ruthless poachers have systematically slaughtered thousands of black rhinos.

Now all that is left is one last herd in Zimbabwe. Unless the poachers are stopped, this remaining herd of about six hundred will also be wiped out.

This documentary follows the efforts of a handful of conservationists who believe they can still save this dying species, but the odds are stacked against them. While these conservationists cope with punishing terrain and second-rate equipment, poachers have the latest automatic weapons, and they’ll shoot anyone who stands in their way. The rescue squad aims to move as many rhinos as possible to safer areas, but the long, arduous operation is being run on blood, sweat, and a shoestring.


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