MY FAMILY Christmas 2010 Ratings Success

London 20 January 2011. MY FAMILY continues its tradition of being one of the featured programs on the BBC once Christmas Schedule and the viewers responded in droves.

  • MY FAMILY was the most watched non-soap program of the day (Peak Audience):
    Coronation Street (ITV)  10,020,000
    Coronation Street (ITV)9,624,000
    Eastenders (BBC)9,473,000
    Emmerdale (ITV)7,232,000
    MY FAMILY (BBC)6,650,000
    Chronicles of Narnia (BBC)6,598,000
    Have I Got News for You (BBC)6,461,000
    QI (BBC)6,146,000

  • MY FAMILY viewership increased 44% over the course of the hour special.

  • MY FAMILY outperformed the 2010 time period by 17%.

  • 1.22 million more viewers watched the second half of MY FAMILY with guests Rolf Harris and Ainsley Harriot than watched ITV’s Paul O’Grady’s Christmas with Bette Midler and Cilla Black performing.

  • The audience for MY FAMILY increased over each of its 4 quarter hours.

  • Opposite the first half hour of MY FAMILY the 8:30 episode of Coronation Street lost 400,000 viewers from its 7:30 episode.

  • The first 15 minutes of the lead-out program (QI) lost 1.2 million viewers from the last 15 minutes of MY FAMILY.

  • MY FAMILY viewership increased 540,000 during the half hour against Coronation Street while Coronation Street lost 360,000 viewers.

Source: BARB/Attentional/Digital-I

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