Love on a Branch Line

"An unmitigated triumph...funny, sexy, eccentric, and quite beautiful to look at." -- Sunday Express

This post-war comedy, set in England in 1957, stars Michael Maloney as the mild-mannered hero Jasper Pye. Sent to a remote corner of East Anglia to assess the work of a government research unit, Pye finds himself unprepared for the eccentric and extraordinary characters that he encounters. In Arcady, the stately home that houses this government department, he is beguiled by the charms of the wheelchair-bound Lord Flamborough and his three beautiful daughters Matilda, Belinda, and Chloe. Ensnared in the heady atmosphere of Arcady, Jasper forgets his conventional behavior, his staid morality, and, eventually, the reason for his visit.

Also starring Maria Aitken and Leslie Phillips.

A Theatre of Comedy Production for the BBC.


4 x 1 hour

Maria Aitken
Leslie Phillips

Produced By
A Theatre of Comedy Production for the BBC.

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